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Mar 31, 2024

This week we chat for a bit then get into some chaotic listener voicemails. Tenney talks Detroit’s Nain Rouge parade, Incredible 80’s psychic rom-com Vibes, Alexa suddenly speaking in a creepy child’s voice? Yorgos Lanthimos, Dollar Tree, plus other nonsense. Then during our EVP session mysterious messages came through about a lot of Ghosts, Cryptids, Premonitory dreams, Haunted sweaters, Serial killers, and more! If you are dead (jk) and can conjure enough energy to send us an EVP, call 313-444-5170 to be on a future episode!

Slashers Suggested: 
Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 1987
Cutting Class 1989
My Bloody Valentine 1981
New Year’s Evil 1980
Blood Feast 1963 
Slumber Party Massacre 1982
The Sorcerers 1967
The Driller Killer 1979

All the things:

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